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If Guyana had a middle name it surely would be ‘pristine’. Pristine what? Well, pristine nature! Even though Guyana is one of the most untravelled countries in the continent, that is not due to its lack of beauty, but more due to its “unknown” or often forgotten existence. The reality is, Guyana, has some of the most beautiful scenic landscapes, attractive sandy beaches, as well as impressive jungles filled with lavish biodiversity.

As a country surrounded by mesmerising nature, Guyana, is the perfect spot for adventurers, explorers, wildlife enthusiasts and anyone else who wants to get off the beaten track on their holiday. It is located on the northeast of South America and it is bordered by; Venezuela to the west, Surinam to the southeast, Brazil to the south, as well as by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and east. The name “Guiana” (in its original Amerindian spelling) means ‘land of many waters’ which couldn’t be more adequate as the country has about 1,600km (965 miles) of navigable rivers.

Guyana is also known for being a sovereign state and culturally still considered part of the Anglophone Caribbean. Even though this is the case, the country still has a lot of English influences as it is a former British colony. The land was actually discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1498, and in 1616 became, a Dutch colony. Britain established their power in Guyana in 18th century and the country remained a colony until 1966. You can still see remains of this influence in the way people speak as English is the first language in the country, making it the only English-speaking country in South America. Other major languages of Guyana include; Amerindian dialects, Creole, Hindi and Urdu. Another famous English influence is cricket, which is their national sport.

Still, the one thing that stands out the most in Guyana isn’t its history or culture, but mostly its natural one. Guyana is a tropical destination with several natural relics -from the Kaieteur Falls to Iwokrama Rainforest, the Botanical Gardens to Kanuku Mountains – it is difficult not to want to visit it all in one go! The interior of the country is either high savannah uplands or thick, hilly jungle and forest which occupies over 83% of the country’s area. The best bit? All of these beautiful landscapes are filled with incredible wildlife. The country is home to more than 800 species of bird! Can you imagine that? Giant otters, tapirs, jaguars, sea-turtle nesting grounds, as well as monkeys, are just some other highlights from around here.

The country has 322km (206 miles) of coastline and more than 25% of its inhabitants’ lives either in or near Georgetown. That is only natural as Guyana’s narrow coastal border produces most of its main cash crop sugar, as well as its subsistence crop rice. Still, if you want to see populated areas in Guyana, the interior regions might more interesting as it is here that you will find the Amerindian communities. Even though getting to this part of Guyana will involve lots of mud, bumpy roads and sweat, it is all worth it.

Are you ready to explore Guyana? Come along! We will guide through it.

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Get Prices For Guyana
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