5 Reasons You Should Consider Costa Rica for Your Next Adventure

July 13, 2021
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Costa Rica

For a relatively small nation, Costa Rica maintains a big reputation. A leader of sustainability, a multi-awarding winning travel destination and a playground for the adventurous, Costa Rica’s accolades are just. Below we look at some of the top reasons why you should consider Costa Rica for your next holiday destination.

Leader of Sustainability

Since the turn of the century, Costa Rica has trailblazed its way to international recognition for its sustainable concepts and eco-tourism.  A truly pioneering destination, over a quarter of Costa Rican land, is protected, aided by commendable government environmental policies. These practices have proven to pay dividends and the wildlife, flora and fauna and natural resources of Costa Rica are all thriving. Visitors can enjoy complete peace of mind that tourism in the country is managed in a sustainable way and actively encouraged, with high percentages of the proceeds being reinvested in the protection of the land and the local communities.

Selva Bananito Lodge, Limon Province – stay here on our Costa Rica Footprints holiday

Natural Wonders Galore

A nature lover’s paradise, Costa Rica should really be considered as one complete natural wonder. It would be unfair to highlight specific regions as the whole nation is made up of pristine beaches, lush rainforests, enigmatic cloud forests and towering volcanoes. So ecologically diverse is Costa Rica that on any given trip, it would simply be unavoidable to escape and appreciate the unspoilt landscapes and beautiful environments that make Costa Rica such an iconic natural wonderland.

Arenal Volcano

Self-Drive Adventure

For those looking for complete freedom on a holiday to Latin America, there is perhaps no better destination for a self-drive adventure than Costa Rica. Driving here is safe, convenient and of course scenically beautiful, meaning those impulsive stops to explore the myriad of peripheral sites that you will inevitably spot along the roads, have never been more accessible. Driving in Costa Rica can be compared to driving in mainland Europe or even the United States, with well-paved roads, signs in English and a significantly diminished need to drive off-road throughout your stay.

Costa Rica jungle road

Abundant Wildlife

As a country that is bursting with natural landscapes and biodiversity, it is no surprise that Costa Rica is a haven for its native wildlife species. The beauty of Costa Rica is that in the majority of regions, you won’t even have to go searching for the wildlife and you likely to find a myriad of species and exotic birdlife within your daily excursions or even within the surroundings of your hotel. Sloths, scarlet macaws, toucans and howler monkeys thrive in abundance throughout Costa Rica and those looking for closer encounters with the wildlife can partake in turtle watching experiences, canopy walks, wildlife refuge visits and rainforest treks.

Macaw, Osa Peninsula

Exceptional Hotels

Accommodation options in Costa Rica are second to none in Central America. Whether you are looking for luxurious 5* hotels or renowned eco-lodges bringing you closer to the natural environment, Costa Rica has it all. There are a magnitude of properties to suit every taste and budget and the properties that we use at Latin Routes are almost exclusively individually owned with distinct Costa Rican characteristics. Even amongst the most isolated of regions, you will not have to compromise on comfort.

Nayara Hotel & Gardens, Rainforest Villa, Arenal

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