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Our Routes in Guyana

Laura next to ant hill
November 17, 2023
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Guyana, Our Routes

…with Senior Marketing Executive, Laura In the next instalment of Our Routes series dedicated to sharing travel experiences from our experts all over Latin America, Senior Marketing Executive Laura Radford explored the savannahs and rainforests of mysterious and magical Guyana. YOUR MAIN DESTINATIONS?     Guyana – Georgetown & the interior (the Rupununi Savannah & the Iwokrama Rainforest).  HOW DID YOU GET THERE?   I flew direct from Gatwick Airport on British Airways, with a brief touchdown in St. Lucia.  FIRST TIME OR REPEAT TRIP?    This was my first time visiting Guyana, but it has ALWAYS been high on my list. Ever since I watched Lost Land of the Jaguar on BBC, I have been intrigued to visit this country rich in culture and biodiversity.  FAVOURITE LOCATION?    It’s a tough one to choose, as I loved both the Rupununi region and its vast savannahs and wildlife, plus INCREDIBLE sunsets, but I’d have to say the…

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The Wild Elevations of Monte Roraima

Sandstone ridges of Mount Roraima
September 16, 2022
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Brazil, Guyana, Latin America

Rising up majestically into the sky across Venezuelan, Brazilian, and Guyanan borders, the so-called “Floating Island” is so unique that scientists are still trying to understand its intricate ecosystem. Shroud of Cloud Standing 9,220 ft tall at its peak with an average cliffside elevation of 1,300 ft, these cloud-shrouded cliff edges appear to drop sharply into oblivion, giving the whole plateau an otherworldly feel about them. It’s not surprising then that kind of vista makes for a popular choice with intrepid adventurers seeking Indiana Jones-style landscapes. A Rock In The Ocean Also known as ‘tepuis’, strange geological formations like this are among the oldest plateaus in the world. Tepuis like Mount Roraima form differently from traditional mountains which generally forge when two continental plates collide. Here though, sand settled and became rock at the bottom of ancient oceans a colossal 1.5-2 billion years ago – bearing in mind Mount Everest only formed about 60 million…

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Five Must-Sees in Guyana

April 14, 2021
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There are few places on Earth like Guyana. With 90% of its natural beauty left untouched, this tiny country on South America’s northern coast is fast becoming one of the continents premier eco-tourism destinations as a growing number of adventurous travellers are drawn to its pristine rainforests and natural sensations. Here we look at five of Guyana’s most treasured sites. Kaieteur Falls Of course we begin with Guyana’s most famous highlight. Whilst images of Kaieteur Falls can certainly impress with its mesmerising beauty until you stand at its base it is impossible to fathom the ambience created when 30,000 gallons of water thunder down a 250-metre cliff. The sheer size of the falls and its audacious power create an almost unnerving sensation as you feel the electrifying mist and hear the unapologetic roar of the force of nature, set to a spectacular backdrop of the ancient jungle. Iwokrama Rainforest Guyana’s…

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