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Helen and Lydia’s Amazon Adventure at Juma Lodge

November 30, 2018
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Amazon, Brazil

After more than 14 hours of flying to Manaus, we had finally reached the heart of the Amazon! However, our journey had just begun, as Lydia and I were met at the airport for our 30-minute transfer to the port, then we swapped to travel by boat to cross the famous ‘Meeting of the Waters’; the stunning natural phenomenon where the waters which make up the Amazon river meet. After another road transfer, we boarded our final mode of transport to reach Juma Lodge – an incredible hour-long boat journey which sped through flooded canopies, then wide expanses of the Amazon where we could hardly make out the other bank of the river! We arrived at Juma, a remote and idyllic lodge set on stilts and made up of walkways and individual bungalows. Friendly monkeys roam along the walkways, while caimans sunbathe in the river beneath your feet and iguanas…

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