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Top 10 Wildlife Experiences in Peru

March 3, 2022
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Amazon, Peru

From ancient Incan citadels to a rich gastronomy scene, it’s easy to forget amidst the pisco sours that Peru is known for its incredibly abundant and diverse wildlife. Did you know that an incredible 1 in 10 of the planet’s species is found in Peru’s Amazon Rainforest? Having spent two years discovering the far less varied wildlife of the UK’s own more urban jungles; it’s now time to start treating ourselves to the experiences we deserve. So, to get you started with your planning, we’ve broken down some of the top wildlife experiences you should look to include on your big trip to Peru… Alpacas The smaller, fluffier cousin of a llama, alpacas can be distinguished by their shorter faces and are highly prized for their fine fleece. You’ll find clothing made from Alpaca Wool at shops throughout your stay in Peru, keeping you warm for your time in the…

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Exploring the biodiversity of Latin America

September 9, 2021
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Amazon, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Latin America, Peru

In the broadest terms possible, biodiversity can be defined as ‘life on earth’ and over HALF of the word’s biodiversity can be found in Latin America. Across the borders, you will find some of the most species-rich biomes on the planet and it would be no exaggeration to say that the survival of these ecosystems are pivotal for earth’s survival. Below we look at some of the five most biodiverse countries in Latin America and what makes them so. Brazil Estimated to cover up to one-fifth of Earth’s total biological diversity, it is no surprise that Brazil is considered the most biodiverse country on the planet. Covering 60% of the Amazonian rainforest and supported by the Atlantic Forest, the inland swamp of the Pantanal and a literally uncountable amount of other terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, Brazil leads the way in terms of flora and fauna variety count and 700 new…

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Peru – Beyond Machu Picchu

July 28, 2021
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Whilst Machu Picchu remains the most iconic and most significant archaeological destination in Peru and is likely to go unmissed on any first-timer itinerary, it can sometimes overshadow some of Peru’s other remarkable destinations. Below we look at five worthy contenders for you to consider when planning a trip to Peru… The Peruvian Amazon Despite covering more than 60% of the country’s total landmass, the Amazonian rainforest is largely ignored by the majority of those who visit Peru. The reason for this is not entirely clear – accessibility is not a major issue and there is no shortage of accommodation options available in the region. Those who do make it here, therefore, are greeted with pristine rainforest, an abundance of exotic wildlife and opportunities to meet indigenous communities, all away from the masses. The northern region is possibly the easiest way to experience the rainforest, reached via Iquitos. Characterised by…

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