Focus on: The Amazon Rainforest

January 28, 2021
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Amazon, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru

Stretching over 2 million square miles, entering nine different countries and holding over half of the world’s rainforest, the Amazon is the largest and most biodiverse rainforest on the planet. Stretching from its mouth at the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the Peruvian, Colombian and Bolivian borders, the area is best explored via a cruise along the length of the Amazon River. This is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience, and will surely be the highlight of your holiday to Brazil.

The Area

The main gateway to the Amazon is the bustling city of Manaus. This is an ideal base for your exploration of the surrounding area, and a great place to start your trip and/or cruise. While this city is an experience in itself, the real treat lies deeper into the rainforest – either join one of the many Amazon River Cruises available or stay in a fantastic Eco Lodge in the heart of the rainforest canopy. The latter ranges from simple and rustic to luxurious and stylish, but each comes equipped with all the essentials for exploring.

Best Time To Go

The Amazon is famous for its weather – either very dry or very, very wet! The dry season lasts between July and November, with temperatures ranging between 26-40 degrees Celsius. The wet season is between December and June, with temperatures roughly between 23-30 degrees Celsius.


The Amazon is renowned for its spectacular wildlife, so nature lovers and photographers will certainly not be disappointed by the incredible diversity of species that inhabit the rainforest. An estimated 1 in 10 known species of animal inhabits the Amazon Rainforest, making it the largest collection of living plants and animals anywhere in the world. This includes over 2 million insect species, 40,000 plant species and a further 1,000 bird species, which constitutes around 20% of all bird species on Earth. Certainly, then, this region is an unparalleled opportunity to see animals that exist nowhere else on the planet.

Some popular highlights include the beautiful, and elusive jaguar, giant anaconda, electric eels and piranha, along with birds such as the toucan, scarlet macaw and the green aracari. Explore the rainforest with a knowledgeable guide on a rainforest walk, or take a boat trip with a pair of binoculars (and a camera!) to make the most out of your holiday to Brazil.

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