Latin America for the food and wine lovers

February 10, 2020
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Food and Wine

For a fusion of flavours, Latin America is the destination that dreams are made of! From capital cities bursting with gastronomic gems to world-renowned coffee plantations and vineyards, there is no end to the dazzling delights ready to tantalise your taste buds. From ceviche in Peru to steak in Argentina and salteñas in Bolivia, Latin America’s ancient traditionsindigenous communities and a vast array of homegrown ingredients have shaped the region into one of the most interesting destinations for food and wine lovers the world over.

Here’s just a few of some of the tastiest foods to sample when visiting Latin America…

Ceviche in Peru

This delicious dish formed of fresh fish in lime juice with peppers is famous throughout Peru, with some of the best found in Lima, which is fast becoming a centre of gastronomy. In Peru, there is even a National Ceviche Day to celebrate this dish which is a huge part of the country’s heritage.

Cazuela in Chile

The Chilean equivalent to a hearty soup to ward away the first signs of a cold, Cazuela is a traditional tasty broth made with large pieces of meat, with corn, potatoes and vegetables. To fit in with the locals in Chile, eat the broth first, followed by the contents!

Alfajores in Argentina

Argentina is famous for steak and chimichurri but have you heard of its other famous food, alfajores? These delicious little crumby biscuits are sandwiched with Dulce de Leche (sometimes other sweet, gooey stuff) and are found in varying forms (some are even coated in chocolate) at roadside kiosks, in supermarkets and fine-dining restaurants throughout Argentina.

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