Top 5 Latin American things to do in London

August 7, 2013
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This sensual, energetic dance is an integral part of Latin America’s cultural identity and with a growing Latin American population residing in London, it’s now relatively easy to find in and around London. Depending on your age and your prior experience, you can take beginners lessons or hop right into a Milonga if you’re a seasoned Tango veteran. Lessons are available at ‘DanceTango’ in Hammersmith, W6 9DH.

Argentine Street Food

Borough Market is a bustling, diverse place where there’s something for everyone – fan of Argentina included. Portena on Southwark Street sells authentic Argentine food including Empanadas (small pastries which can be filled with beef, vegetables, egg, onion and more). It has a great reputation and a favourite with the locals.

Horse Riding

From the rustic farms where riding holds pride of place for the Gauchos to the polished, professional riding of the Argentina polo team, Latin America certainly has a soft spot for everything equine. If you’re hankering after some riding lessons yourself, there are a number of riding schools just outside London, such as the Kingston Riding Centre whose stables are just minutes from the leafy tracks of Richmond Park – perfect for a relaxing ride.


Argentina has garnered an international reputation for its world-class steak. This expertise and attitude toward steak has thankfully permeated the British restaurant business, with numerous high-quality steakhouses springing up around London. The Santa Maria Del Sur, located in Battersea, has a sterling reputation and was even featured on Gordon Ramsey’s ‘F-Word’. Run by two genuine Argentines, this is a solid choice for an authentic Argentinian steak.


Cavas De Gaucho, on Swallow Street in London, is second to none for a bottle of genuine Argentinian wine. With years of expertise and over 150 wines, this restaurant is one for the experienced wine buffs. However, it’s also a great experience for those looking to learn more about Argentina’s rich tradition in wine and the subtle differences between the way the grapes are grown, the geographical location and the impact on the taste of the wine itself.

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