10 Things You Didn’t Know About Antarctica

August 13, 2013
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The Antarctic is a beautiful, unspoiled continent – one of the last true wildernesses left on Earth, it has a fascinating array of wildlife and many hidden surprises.


Here are 10 facts to inspire you to think about visiting this stunning and unique place.

1)      90% of the world’s ice is located in Antarctica.

2)      Only 2% of the Antarctic continent is not covered in ice.

3)      The Antarctic’s ice sheet is, at its thickest, over 4.5km deep.

4)      The Emperor Penguin is the only warm-blooded animal to remain in Antarctica during the winter.

5)      Antarctica is technically a desert, since it experiences almost no rainfall.

6)      Australia is approximately half the size of the Antarctic.

7)      Because the sun rises in October and doesn’t set until March, Antarctica has no established time zone.

8)      Antarctica grows by about 40,000 squares miles every day in the winter months – freezing temperatures mean sea ice is added to the main land mass very quickly.

9)      The lowest ever recorded temperature (-89.2 degrees Celsius) was in Antarctica in 1983.

10)   Approximately 70% of the earth’s fresh water is frozen inside the Antarctic ice caps.

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