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August 12, 2013
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For those discerning travellers for whom 6 continents is not enough, a trip to the Antarctic is perhaps to only cure for Travel Bug.
The Antarctic itself is like nothing else on earth – an untouched and inhospitable paradise. It is one of the few places on earth where the feeling of isolation is really genuine. On a longer cruise, when crossing the last latitude line – the Antarctic Circle – there will not be another boat within hundreds of miles. The stunning natural beauty is enhanced by the overarching feeling that this part of the world will forever remain the desolate landscape it is. Being able to experience some small part of one of the more dangerous environment on earth, and still be able to sleep in a heated room is a rare opportunity.

Seeing the sort of wildlife that the majority of the population will only ever see on TV – whales, penguins and seals – further distinguishes this trip from all others. Often, much of the native animal population will never have encountered humans. The sense of Nature’s raw power makes you realise that, however advanced civilization becomes there will always be some small corner of the earth that remains untouched and undomesticated. This is what makes a trip to the Antarctic really special – the sense of privilege being one of the few people able to see this stunning natural landscape.

Antarctic Penguins
The fact that global warming is rapidly becoming a greater threat to this continent is further motivation to appreciate its’ natural beauty before it is gone forever. Time really is of the essence – exploring this area of the world, before it is no longer there, is an opportunity which cannot be passed up.
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