The Antarctic Classic with Latin Routes

February 20, 2014
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Earlier this week we had a look at why booking your Antarctic Cruise with Latin Routes is the best decision you’ll ever make! While our Cruise Operators are certainly fantastic, today we’ll be going into more depth about what to expect from your Antarctic Cruise. We’ll give you a clue – you certainly won’t be disappointed.

AntarcticThe Antarctic Classic

If you’re looking for the real Antarctic Experience, then the Antarctic Classic is the way forward. One of our best-selling Antarctic Cruises, this package gives you the opportunity to take in the highlights of the area (and there are many) in just 11 days. Choose the Cruise Operator that suits you and get ready to meet your fellow passengers for the experience of a lifetime!

Antarctic PenguinsThe Itinerary

So how will your 11 days in the icy water of Antarctica pan out? Expect snowy mountains, clear waters and some beautiful and unique wildlife!

Day 1Ushuaia, Argentina

You’ll be taking a round trip from the Ushuaia – the southernmost city on Earth, located in Argentina. From here you’ll be travelling by boat down the famous Beagle Channel, leading into the open sea.

Day 3: Drake’s Passage

Taking around 2 days to reach Antarctica itself, you must travel across the infamous Drake’s Passage. Seas can sometimes be rough but there may be an opportunity to spot some marine wildlife, such as Killer Whales, or even the enormous Wandering Albatross, with a wingspan of over 3m!


Day 5Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands

Having reached the peninsula, you will be afforded as much time as possible to explore the area, including the option to take a trip out into the water on Zodiac boats, spot some penguins or even take a trip out on the ice (company-dependent).

Day 9:

Unfortunately the time must come when you have to leave the beauty of the Antarctic behind and travel back across Drake’s Passage, back to civilization.

Day 11Ushuaia, Argentina

Back where you started, with memories that will last a lifetime. You will usually arrive into Ushuaia in the morning and disembark after breakfast.

marine-fauna-chica-1What should you expect?

The Antarctic is full of surprises, but you should certainly expect to be amazed – the beauty of the Antarctic lies in the sheer scale of it. Ice, snow and mountains as far as the eye can see, the Antarctic is an unexplored paradise of natural beauty.

In addition to this, it holds a huge diversity of wildlife, including colonies of penguins, leopard seals, whales and many species of birdlife. Make sure you bring your camera, because you’ll want to remember the astonishing sights you’ll see for the rest of your life.

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