Easter Island: Where to Stay

April 25, 2014
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With only 62 square miles to choose from, you might think all the hotels on Easter Island are alike. In reality, it’s harder than you think to choose between them!


Situated on 9 and a half hectares of land in the Te Miro Oone area of the island, the Explora is the only 5* hotel available on Easter Island. Overlooking the ocean, the hotel was designed to have minimal impact on the environment, preserving much of the original culture of the Rapa Nui. With impressive views found throughout the hotel, the rooms are a standout feature. The Explora’s exclusivity is evident – it has just 30 rooms in total, each designed to make your stay as comfortable and tranquil as possible.

The facilities at this hotel are also excellent – a beautiful outdoor pool allows you to relax and wind down after a long day hiking and sightseeing in the surrounding area. A solar heated Jacuzzi offers you the opportunity to relax in style, along with a number of spa and massage treatments. Dine in the excellent restaurant in the evening, serving up local and continental dishes sourced from fresh, local ingredients.


Set on a hectare and a half of land right next to the beach,The Altiplanico offers stunning panoramic views of the coastline. Designed in the style of a traditional Easter Island boathouse, this hotel blends the native culture with a modern twist to bring you an authentic experience without compromising on comfort. Luxurious gardens are complemented by a beautiful swimming pool, along with spacious gardens to explore during the day.

Each room at the hotel is an independent building with a private terrace, linked by stone pathways through the gardens. Each room has a warm, comfortable design which makes the most of the outstanding natural beauty just outside. A haven away from the city, the Altiplanico’s remote location means it does not have TV, allowing you to truly get away from civilization.

Paku Vai

The final hotel we are considering on Easter Island is the beautiful Paku Vai. Built using an attractive combination of wood and stone, the hotel’s grounds are a standout highlight – featuring tropical flowers, greenery and a fantastic pool area to relaxing in the sun. The bar and restaurant serves drinks throughout the day, along with a delicious buffet breakfast and snacks to keep you going.
Each warmly-decorated room gives you a fantastic view of the gardens and a private bathroom, along with Wi-Fi, air conditioning and the laid-back atmosphere Easter Island is known for.

Photos courtesy of Explora and Altiplanico hotels respectively.

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