Our Routes in Ecuador & Galápagos Islands

March 18, 2024
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…with Product Executive, Hannah

In the next instalment of Our Routes series dedicated to sharing travel experiences from our experts all over Latin America, Product Executive, Hannah Finch describes her amazing journey to Ecuador. From Quito’s historical marvels and Otavalo’s colourful markets to the natural wonder of the Ecuadorian Amazon and rich wildlife of the Galápagos Islands, her adventure was a mosaic of experiences.

Hannah enjoying the sights of Quito

Ecuadorian Amazon, Quito, Otavalo and the Galápagos Islands.

People trying to balance an egg on a nail head on the equator line at The Intiñan Museum near Quito

From London to Quito, via Miami – with American Airlines/British Airways.

Flamingo on Rabida Island, Galápagos

First time, it’s somewhere I’ve wanted to go for years and was so magical to be able to take my son.

Hannah’s son observing the beautiful and diverse birds in the Amazon Rainforest

The Galápagos Islands, they are just so unique and so well protected it’s incredible. It felt like we’d gone back in time, everything – the terrain, wildlife, plant life – feels so prehistoric.

Giant Tortoises in the Highlands of Santa Cruz, Galápagos

Arriving in the Ecuadorian Amazon. We journeyed down the Napo River by motorboat for two hours, then smaller paddle boats for another two-hour journey down a quiet creek to Napo Wildlife Centre. All I could hear was the sounds of insects, birds in the trees, macaws flying overhead and monkeys calling, then a giant river otter bobbed in front of us as we arrived at the lodge. Just incredible.

Hannah spotting wildlife in the Ecuadorian Amazon

There are two. In the Galápagos Islands, swimming with sharks, turtles, sting rays, mobula rays, eagle rays, parrot fish and more – all on one excursion, it was fantastic! The other was horse-riding from Hacienda Zuleta in the highlands, near Otavalo. We rode out to an Andean condor breeding centre, and as if on cue, a wild condor flew overhead. We couldn’t have planned it better.

Exploring stunning Andean countryside on horseback at Hacienda Zuleta

Pack for all weathers, and be prepared for some early mornings.

Hannah visiting local artisan workshops in Otavalo

Potato soup. Ecuadorians eat a lot of soup, and this is lovely, warming, filling and really homely.

Hannah making new friends (sea lions) on the San Cristobal Island, Galápagos

Hard to pick, but probably this one of a lonely blue-footed booby.

Blue-footed booby on Lobos Island, Galápagos

Wildlife + scenery = extraordinary

Hannah exploring Galápagos Islands with her family

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