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Kayaking in South America

September 28, 2013
Brazil, Chile, News

Kayaking can be great fun, good exercise and, especially when in some areas of Patagonia, exceptionally beautiful. Antares Patagonia run kayaking trips in the striking Torres Del Paine, following one of three routes. You can take the Colonist Route, which begins by paddling into the Eberhard fjiord and stopping at Estancia Consuelo to refuel. You are afforded 6 hours in the absolutely stunning fjord and then return to Puerto Natales. Another option from Antares Patagonia is their ‘Drifting in Patagonia’ kayaking route. This is a two day expedition which starts by paddling across part of Rio Serrano, arrives at a spectacular waterfall, and finishes the first day camping under the stars. The second day involves paddling through part of the Torres Del Paine national park, spotting some local wildlife and finally arriving at Puerto Toro where you’ll spend your second night. The final day will comprise of navigating in and amongst the icebergs of the Serrano glacier before packing…

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