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The Wonderful Wildlife of Chile: Feathered Friends

September 4, 2014
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In the previous two parts of ‘The Wonderful Wildlife of Chile’ we looked at the country’s fascinating land mammals such as the elusive Puma as well as under water creatures such as whales and dolphins. That leaves us with another kind of animal that we haven’t yet covered. Up in Chile‘s vast skies, looking down over the longest stretching mountain range in the world and the deep blue waters of the Pacific coastline, the animals are as varied up here as they are on the ground or in the sea below. Now, when talking about Chile’s bird life, a special mention must be given to the Lauca National Park, located high up in the Andes and close to the border with Bolivia. The huge ecosystem that exists here in the Altiplano, the High Andean Plateau, has one of the highest altitudes in the world, but despite the plummeting night time…

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