Self-Drive Latin America

September 15, 2021
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Latin America

Increasingly popular, a self-drive adventure is one of the most convenient and flexible ways to explore the beautiful landscapes of Latin America.  The open roads provide some of the most amazing, scenic vantage points with a wow factor at every turn, and driving in Latin America has never been easier, safer and more accessible. Below we look at some of the key reasons for you to consider a self-drive holiday for your next adventure.

Ultimate Flexibility

There is perhaps no other holiday type that can offer the same sense of freedom and adventure than what a self-drive adventure can. With full flexibility, you are literally in the driving seat to determine the pace of your tour, to make those impulsive stops, and ultimately discover the nooks and crannies of a destination in your own special way. Accommodation will always be pre-booked, as will any excursions requested and all the vehicle hire arrangements will be handled by us, so you can travel safely in the knowledge that you are in full control of your holiday whilst supported by the experts.

Comfortable Driving Experience

Whilst driving in foreign countries may seem daunting for some, Latin America is a surprisingly easy road-touring destination in comparison to other parts of the world. Roads are wide and well-paved and you will rarely if ever, need to go off-road, even in the most remote and far off-the-beaten path destinations. GPS systems will always be provided in English and comfortable hotels will be chosen and pre-booked beforehand with total driving distances carefully considered. Some destinations are obviously easier to drive in than others but our Travel Specialists are always on hand to discuss options with you.

Cost Effective

As well as being one of the most convenient ways to explore Latin America, self-driving can also be one of the most cost-effective ways to experience a destination. Without the necessity of guides or drivers and considering that on all other tours you will be paying for transport anyway, the cost of vehicle hire (always included in the cost) is affordable and self-drive remains one of the most economical ways to travel. The stops you make to admire the beauty and soak up the scenery will cost nothing and it is inevitable that you will discover a plethora of peripheral sites on the road, undiscovered by the masses and that have not yet succumbed to commercialisation.

Well-Researched Routes

By its very nature, a self-drive holiday will be utterly unique to you and it is not possible to pre-determine every individual route you are likely to take because, well, what would be the point? We do however have a selection of self-drive suggestions in various parts of Latin America to hopefully offer some inspiration and ideas and to give an idea of what a self-drive holiday could look like. Explore off-the-beaten-path Costa Rica, discover the diversity of Chile along the Carretera Austral, or perhaps delve into the natural wonders of Argentina’s north-west.

Privacy & Safety

Self-driving offers an intimate travelling experience, where you are not confined to the needs of other travellers on group tours or restraints of pre-determined itineraries. This is your holiday and you should have full flexibility on how you pace yourself with the option of changing plans on a whim as and when you feel the need to. Post pandemic, many people are becoming more conscious of how they travel and who they travel with, and self-drive holidays are becoming more popular due to their flexibility and ultimately, their nature of being one of the safest and most private ways to travel.  

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