Why Travel On a Group Tour?

June 16, 2021
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Group tour holidays are constantly evolving – long gone is the stigma of coaches full of irritable tourists traversing between tourist traps and full days spent travelling between destinations. Today, group tours are surprisingly flexible, affordable and experience led and Latin Routes group tours have a maximum group size of 16, meaning closer connections can be made as you share the wonderful memories you create. Below we look at five reasons why you should consider a group tour for your next Latin America holiday…

Travel with Like-Minded Individuals

As exciting as travel is – seeing new places, engaging with new cultures, trying new experiences, we also understand that for some, it can be daunting and a step outside of your comfort zone. Travelling in groups, allows you to share amazing, often life-changing experiences with like-minded people, people with shared interests who are taking the time to explore the same part of the world as you. Our group tours are limited to a maximum group size of 16, greatly encouraging group bonding and often friendships blossom quickly.

Travel Further and Wiser

With all the organisation and logistics of touring taken care of, group touring allows you to immerse yourself fully into the destination and see areas that you may not have found or simply not had the time to see when touring alone. Your holiday time is precious, and your guide will be able to show you the real taste of local life, suggest authentic experiences for your free time and help you discover off-the-beaten path places in each area you visit.

Travel with Complete Peace of Mind

With the security of knowing that your trip has been thoroughly researched and organised by experts in Latin American holidays and that you will be travelling with a native local guide throughout, group tour travelling can often be the most hassle-free way of experiencing a new destination. There is no rigid organising to be done and unlike most Tour Operators, we guarantee departures on all our group tours, meaning once booked there is nothing left to be done other than to look forward to your holiday!

Travel with Surprising Flexibility

Being on a group tour does not mean that you won’t have any time to yourself or that you will always be confined to doing the same experiences as your travel companions. We understand just how important those solo shopping trips, the evening strolls, the private meals, or the time spent relaxing by the hotel’s swimming pool are, which is why free time is always built into every group tour. We also include ‘Make Your Day Individual’ components meaning that on selected days, you will be able to choose one from three different included experiences to further make your tour your own. 

Travel Economically

It is no secret that group tours are less expensive than individual tailor-made holidays, as a lot of the associated costs of touring will be shared with others in the same group. Often the savings will be substantial but further to this, some very valuable added extras are included on some of our most popular group tours if booked before 31 August 2021. For more information on how you can avoid all single supplement costs, enjoy exclusive dining experiences and get free lounge passes, please click here.

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