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May 20, 2014
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One of the most attractive cities in Argentina, Mendoza is a haven for those looking to escape crowded city life. Tree-lined avenues, vineyards and stunning scenery are complimented by lively nightlife and top-quality restaurants. Mendoza has it all!

The Area 

The city proper is rich in culture and history which is fascinating to learn about, but also to explore for yourself. Find a few hidden gems tucked away in the city centre, in and amongst some of the excellent bars and restaurants on offer. Since Mendoza is known for its wine production, most stemming from the vineyards located just outside the city, you can’t afford to miss some of the fantastic local wines on offer.

The countryside is populated by countless vineyards and bodegas, spread amongst the small towns and villages that dot the area – each producing their own unique wines for your tasting pleasure. Relax and enjoy a glass or two whilst looking out over the lush green countryside, framed by the stunning Andes Mountains.

Best Time To Go

As with most of Argentina, temperatures are generally warm all year round. However, remember that the seasons are inverted for the Southern Hemisphere, meaning November to February is usually the warmest period. The beginning of March marks the harvest festival, and availability during this period is often limited to due to its popularity. Contact a Latin Routes Travel Specialist for more information.


Wine tourism (also known as enotourism) has grown massively in the last few years, and the accessibility to local vineyards has increased also. Become an expert yourself by touring a selection of these vineyards and bodegas and immerse yourself in the Mendoza way of life. A popular choice is to hire bikes and make a number of trips in a single day, often choosing to stay in one of the wine lodges in order to have a completely immersive experience. This is most certainly a highlight that you can’t afford to miss!

The Andes Mountains, aside from forming a spectacular backdrop to an already beautiful city, are also an opportunity for hikers, mountain bikers and adventure-lovers to get their fill of excitement. Discover some of Argentina’s best panoramas from an incredible viewpoint high in the mountains.

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