South America’s Coolest Pools

August 5, 2013
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With the temperature creeping up day by day, all we brits seems to be able to talk about is the weather. With this in mind, here are South America’s most refreshing pools.


Salta, Argentina

This pool is a whopping 250m long and is located in the centre of Salta in Argentina. As a municipal pool, it is open to the public (and is very popular) but it also features the option to camp near the pool itself. As a bonus, if you are camping, then you will be able to utilise the pool for a full hour before it opens to the general public (between 9am and 10am). A spetacular sight if nothing else, it almost has to be seen to be believed and definitely worth a visit if you’re near Salta.

San Alfonso del Mar, Chile

If you thought the pool in Salta was impressive, then this pool blows it out of the (metaphorical) water. At 1km long, it holds the world record for the longest pool in the world. It is located in Chile as part of the San Alfonso del Mar hotel. Filtering water directly from the sea, it holds 250,000,000 litres (yes, 250 million!) of water and at it’s deepest it is 35m. People can often be seen paddling around on pedalos on the vast expanse of water.

Parque Norte, Buenos Aires

Another giant swimming complex, this time in Buenos Aires, with three huge pools and two waterslides spread over 30 acres of land this is certainly an attraction for families and casual swimmers. If you’re looking to do some serious swimming this may not be the place for you, but for having a bit of fun and cooling off in the sun, this pool is perfect.

Piscinao de Ramos, Brazil

A spectacular pool overlooking Rio de Janeiro’s bay. Although there is not a particularly well formed tradition of public swimming pools in Rio, this one is frequented mostly by locals in a less than affluent area of Rio so if you’re looking for a more authentic experience of Rio rather than just visiting the tourist hotspots then this might be a good choice.

The LOI Suites, Iguazu (pictured)

The pool here is set amongst the jungle, giving you a sense of being close to nature without compromising on comfort. It’s luxurious pools are a great place to relax after a long day exploring the 5km of walkways surrounding the beautiful Iguazu Falls. As you can see, a real treat.

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