17 Nights of Endless Flavours

Sailing the coast of Peru and Chile, this cruise takes you on a unique journey of flavours, colours and smells. If you are a gastronome or a culture lover then this is the journey for you, as you combine the best of both worlds.

Savour freshly caught shrimp, dine in the shade of Adobe pyramids, visit Chile’s famous wineries and sip cocktails in the Atacama Desert, on this cruise anything is possible.

This unique expedition will let you try a wide range of culinary activities, including cooking demonstrations, workshops, lectures, excursions and so much more. While your mouth travels through new delicious flavours, your eyes travel through incredible scenery taking in some of the most breath-taking landscapes in the world.

From the always sunny Paracas to the eternal land of Spring (Arica), or from the serene Coquimbo to the impressive Pio XI Glacier, all is included on this memorable 18-day cruise.

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Day 1:

Your journey begins from Callao (Lima) at 6PM. Lima may seem messy at first glance, but it's beautiful in its details. Lima is a place where your awe grows steadily, savour every moment in this town by learning its ways slowly. Observe its colonial charm, visit its trendy art galleries, sample its vibrant nightlife. But, if there is one thing that Lima stands out for its culinary genius, the result of a gastronomic revolution more than 400 years in the making.

Day 2:

You will spend your second day in Paracas where you will arrive at 7AM. As a town of stunning and raw nature, Paracas is one of those places where the landscape is entertainment enough. Here you can expect to see a mix of tempting beaches (such as El Chaco, set on sheltered Paracas Bay), fantastic weather, and breath-taking scenery, all of which available for you to enjoy on this day. Don't miss the Paracas National Reserve, which includes a desert, ocean and islands and is home to beautiful wildlife such as sea lions, dolphins and migratory birds.

Departure will be at 7PM.

Day 3:

Day at sea enroute to Arica in Chile. Enjoy some 'me time' and indulge in the ship's first-rate onboard facilities. The activities on offer include language and dance classes, wine tasting or a matinee movie. You can visit the designer boutiques, head to the library, watch a movie in your suite or simply enjoy the sun by the pool. 

Day 4:

You will arrive at Arica, “the land of eternal Spring” at 6AM. Arica has a mild, temperate climate with some of the lowest annual rainfall rates anywhere in the world, making clouds basically non-existent over Arica. Here your time slows down as you enjoy a walk to the pier, be sure to visit Plaza 21 de Mayo where you can watch the carefree lives of the pelicans and see lions. Arica is also known as the playground of ocean lovers as here you can really live by the tide and enjoy nature's gifts.

Departure will be at 8PM.

Day 5:

Another day at sea but this time on route to Antogagasta in Chile. As usual you enjoy the ship's first-rate onboard facilities which are completely available to you. Perhaps there's an activity you haven't had the time to try? Whether it is a language or dance class, a wine tasting or a matinee movie, today, you can catch up on that and more! If you need to contact the outside world, WiFi is available to all guests. 

Day 6:

You will arrive at Antofagasta at 5AM so that you can enjoy another full day in a completely different place. Start your day as usual with breakfast by the sea and gather up lots of energy for the upcoming activities. Antofagasta is Chile’s largest city of the northern region and is situated between the ocean and the mountains of the Coastal Range. It is mostly known for its mining activity and for being a major mining area in the country. To better experience this, head to the old-fashioned plaza and witness the evidence of the golden nitrate era that can be found in the wooden-fronted Victorian and Georgian buildings of the coastal Barrio Historico. In Antofagasta you can enjoy a modern skyline that comes with hidden treasures referent of the city's history.

Departure will be at 11PM.

Day 7:

Arrive at Isla Pan De Azucar at 12PM and enjoy a few hours of incredibly beautiful nature.  Isla Pan De Azucar (or Sugarloaf Island) is home to thousands of Humboldt Penguins as well as other birds, kelp gulls, blackish oystercatchers, Peruvian boobies, pelicans, sea lions and the famous South American marine otter. A trip here is all about admiring and respecting pristine nature while becoming part of it for a few hours.

Departure will be at 5PM.

Day 8:

Coquimbo is a port city next door to La Serena where you will arrive here at 11AM. Described as “remarkable for nothing but its extreme quietness” by Charles Darwin, this town is indeed very much like a relaxing retreat. Even its name is synced with the town's aura as it derives from a native Diaguita word that means 'place of calm waters'. For an exquisite view of the bay and out to La Serena try climbing Cruz del Tercer Milenio. The city's average temperature lies around 14°C (57°F), and precipitation is low, making your strolls around town even more pleasant.

Departure will be at 5.30PM.

Day 9:

Day at sea on route to Niebla in Chile. As usual enjoy the ship's first-rate onboard facilities. There are lots of activities to try but you can also repeat the group classes, the wine tasting or matinee movie session. Internet is available as always and the designer boutiques open for you. Indulge in reading, in quietude, long swims in the pool, sunsets and sea views.

Day 10:

After a day at sea you will arrive at Niebla at around 12PM. Niebla is a coastal Chilean town close to the city of Valdivia, Valdivia Province and Los Rios Region, and is also located on the northern edge, at the mouth of the Valdivia River right across from Corral. This beach resort town is well known for its lively markets, for its colonial fortress (which was declared a National Monument in 1950), as well as a museum dedicated to its history. There is something about Niebla that emits a northern California beach-town vibe, making it perfect for a relaxing day trip.

Departure will be at 5PM.

Day 11:

Arrive at the fastest-growing city in Chile, Puerto Montt, at around 8AM. Puerto Montt is known for being a fantastic spot to indulge on a delicious meal as it home to several of the region's best restaurants. Visit the famous Av Angelmó Street Stalls which provides a mix of StreetSide stalls where you will find artefacts, smoked mussels, cochayuyo (edible sea plant), mysterious trinkets, and so much more. Enjoy the busy city centre which is filled with malls, condors and office towers, as that's no less than what you expect from a fast-growing city.

Departure will be at 4PM.

Day 12:

Arrival at Puerto Chacabuco will be at around 12.30PM. This port city may have been named after the Battle of Chacabuco in 1817 (during the Chilean Independence War) but nothing in here can be associated with conflict, quite the contrary, the atmosphere is all referent to the serene beauty of nature. This harbour ringed by snow-capped mountains is perfect to relax while enjoying the landscape. Truth is the breath-taking views start way before you arrive at your destination so make sure to keep an eye on your window!

Departure will be at 5PM.

Day 13:

Arrive in Tortel at 2.45PM and get ready to experience the “footbridge city”. This Chilean commune is located at the outflow of the Baker River and Pascua River to the Pacific Ocean. It also lies between the Northern and Southern Patagonian Ice Field in the Capitan Prat Province in the Aysen Region. It is a beautiful green land filled with unique wildlife and unforgettable landscapes be it the rocky mountains, the impressive glaciers, pristine crystal clear rivers waters or the enchanting forests.

Departure will be at 8PM.

Day 14:

On this day you will be cruising the English Narrows and arrival will be at 7.40AM. The English Narrows is a contracted passage in the Messier Channel in the southwestern coast of Chile. Only big vessels can safely pass through it, as in these narrows the tide runs 6 knots at springs. While you are here to relax and breath in the fresh air while trying to spot the wildlife that inhabits here - Magellanic diving petrels, steamer ducks, and the rare endemic Chilean dolphin. Spotting the Chilean dolphin will be the hardest of all, as this tend to be shy. Still, we dare you to try!

Departure will be at 7.40PM.

Day 15:

This is will be a glacier filled day as you will be cruising the Pio XI Glacier in Chile. Arrival will be at 2PM and you will have most of the day to enjoy the pristine and impressive landscape. The Pio XI Glacier is located on the O’Higgins National Park and its size surpasses the size of Santiago. Its surface alone measures 1265KM2 it’s volume grows by 50m3 a day. This makes the glaciers of Patagonia special as many of the world’s glaciers are currently in retreat.

Departure will be at 6PM.

Day 16:

This day will be dedicated to cruising the famous Chilean Fjords. The southern coast of Chile is rich in fjords and fjord-like channels. These fjords are not only impressive to the eye but also important navigable channels that provide access to ports like Punta Arenas, Puerto Chacabuco and Puerto Natales. As you cruise through these let your yourself be mesmerized by the incredible landscape – mountains, waterfalls, the beautiful flora. This area is also rich in fantastic wildlife so keep an eye out for
seals and dolphins.

(Arrival and Departure times to be confirmed)

Day 17:

Arrive at the dramatic landscape of the Alberto de Agostini National Park at 8AM. This park is a protected area created in 1965 that was designated a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2005. It is a beautiful area also described by UNESCO as a "mosaic of contrasting ecosystems and unique and singular characteristics on a world level." In case you are wondering where its name comes from, it is an homage to an Italian explorer/photographer/writer that lived and explored Patagnia as a missionary around 1930.

Departure will be at 12.30PM, and you will be heading to the Ainsworth Bay.

You will arrive at the beautiful Ainsworth Bay at around 4.30PM. This incredibly pristine region is located inside the D Agostini National Park, and is part of Almirantazgo Sound, located in Tierra del Fuego. This beautiful Chilean region is famous for its impressive views and wildlife. Get ready to see the fantastic Marinelli Glacier and watch elephant seals on the beaches, colonies of Magellanic Penguins as well as birds such as cormorants and predatory skuas.

Departure will be at 10PM.

Day 18:

On your last day you will arrive at Puntas Arenas at 7PM. This remarkably relaxed and friendly city is near the tip of Chile's southernmost Patagonia region and located right on the Strait of Magellan. Here is easy to forget about the rest of the world as you fill up your mind with incredible sights. - From dense green forest to high Rocky Mountains, from vast shiny fields of ice to incredible and enchanting wildlife – all is real and waiting for you.

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  • Beverages in-suite and throughout the ship, including champagne, select wines, and spirits 24-hour dining service

  • Onboard entertainment and enrichment lecturers

  • Complimentary transportation into town in most ports

  • Onboard gratuities

*One hour free WIFI per day for all guests. Unlimited free WIFI for guests sailing on select suite categories.

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To find your perfect South America cruise call our Travel Specialists on 020 546 6222.

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