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Choosing Your Galapagos Ship Has Never Been Easier

Now that we have taken you through the first stages of putting together your Galapagos trip, here comes one of the most exciting moments of the entire planning process: choosing your Galapagos ship! For those who have never been on a ship, this might seem like a daunting concept, but we assure you that it is not only easy, but also very enjoyable. Just imagine yourself onboard a stunning ship, the breeze carefully touching your face, the sun shining and wonderful natural beauty all around you. - Sounds like an easy setting to picture? - Well, with our help, choosing the perfect ship will be just as easy.

So where do you start? Right here.

Luxury Experience Ships

M/Y WildAid's Passion

If you are looking for the embodiment of luxury, this is the ship to choose.  The M/Y WildAid's Passion features all the necessary assets for a high-quality luxury cruise experience. While onboard, you will not only be able to enjoy the generous and comfortable interiors, but also, the impeccable on-board service which delivers a very personal treatment to each guest. How do they do this? By providing the services of one member of staff per guest in all of their cruises. Yes, it is a little bit like having an exclusive, onboard butler! But these are not the only things that make this vessel so special, while onboard you will also be able to enjoy the latest designs, facilities as well as state-of-the-art entertainment systems. Time here will certainly fly by as you can spend quality time in the; ample social areas, which include a beautiful panoramic sky lounge, a bar, a jacuzzi and stunning sundecks – the perfect spot for ending the day's activities accompanied with a dramatic sunset and refreshing drinks. There is also a separate dining room onboard, where the most delicious gourmet dishes are serviced. There are four state rooms featuring air conditioning and private bathrooms (with bathtubs), as well as VIP and Master suites, featuring two en-suite bathrooms each! As you can see, onboard the M/Y WildAid's Passion, luxury is not just a word, but a way to live.

Prices from: £5,945 per person based on eight days/7 nights all-inclusive cruise including flights from mainland, meals and excursions.

Preferred Benefit: All Latin Routes get - open bar, transfers, a city tour, plus, a 2-night stay at Casa Gangotena.

Silver Galapagos

The Silver Galapagos is another great option for luxury cruising in the Galapagos. On a vessel where 'your wish is their command' pretty much anything can happen! And by anything we mean; the most wonderful experiences, and nothing less. With a total of a hundred guests onboard, the Silver Galapagos is a ship and has all the features. While onboard this beautiful vessel you will be able to enjoy spacious suites with stunning ocean views, mouth-watering gourmet dishes, complimentary wines and spirits, as well as a premium butler service. But the luxury on this vessel goes even further as the of experts onboard are of the highest calibre, with knowledgeable guides - certified by the Directorate of the Galapagos National Park. Onboard you will also find experts from all different areas; be it naturalists, ecologists, marine biologists, or even historians. The cruise experience onboard the Silver Galapagos is all about exploring the island as profoundly as possible so expect to have the most varied itinerary possible at your disposal when booking your place on this vessel. You will be doing everything from swimming and snorkelling in the Galapagos' tranquil waters; to hiking; witnessing unique highland ecosystems (be it on forests or volcanic fields). You will be exploring natural lava tunnels, and most importantly, you will have daily contact with the beautiful and unique animals of this little piece of heaven. Last but not least, the Silver Galapagos offers socially and environmentally responsible ecotourism to the Galapagos.

Prices from: £6,870 based on seven days/ 6-night all-inclusive cruise including flights from mainland, meals, and excursions.

Santa Cruz II

This is a vessel that adds not only luxury to your trip, but also a sense of history, as the crew's heritage goes back to the 1960's when they were cruising and exploring the Galapagos as true pioneers. Even though the actual Santa Cruz II is a new ship (built to replace its predecessor MV Santa Cruz) while onboard, you will feel nothing else but a sense of unique and carefully thought out service, that can only come from years and year of experience cruising these beautiful and remote islands. The Santa Cruz II is a 70-metre-long ship with generous compartments, 50 cabins and a total of 90 guests. The ship also features fantastic luxury-sized social areas filled with contemporary materials, wide hallways, broad stairwells, fitness room, jacuzzi, an elegant bar, an inviting lounge, a rich library and a superb dining room. All of this is made to make you feel at home while on your holiday. Your days will be packed, and you will be able to enjoy countless wonderful activities including glass-bottom boat expeditions, kayaking, snorkelling, swimming as well as a thorough exploration of the archipelago. Finally, it is also relevant to mention that this ship supports sustainable cruise technology such as waste-water treatment plants.   

You could say that the Santa Cruz is a modern classic - that has not only survived the years - but mostly flourished into a highly established Galapagos ship, that can provide some of the most beautiful cruising experiences on the archipelago.

Prices from: £5,129 per person based on seven days/6 nights all-inclusive cruise including flights from mainland Ecuador, meals and excursions.

Ships with a More Intimate Environment

Monserrat Yacht

The Monserrat introduces a new category of ships that is perfect for those you like to travel within smaller groups of people. This contributes for a more intimate environment onboard allowing you to get to know everyone better and to connect more truly. The ship has 10 exclusive cabins and only takes a total of 20 guests onboard. The ship is also known to be one of the fastest in the Galapagos, reaching a speed of 12 knots, and ensuring that you reach the locations as fast as possible so that you can really make the most out of each day on the islands. But this is not the only great asset on this vessel, the interiors are as just as wonderful! All cabins are air-conditioned and include a private bathroom, and on the upper deck, you will find two cabins with beautiful sea views. Overall, the cabins are very comfortable and quiet, allowing your private moments to be just as magical as the group ones. There is also a large dining room area where you will be tasting delicious food while catching up with everyone on the day's activities. There is also a bar and lounge with a flat TV screen and the modern touches can be felt everywhere; either by the smart furniture designs, wooden-panelling, granite surfaces, or simply, by the stunning paintings on almost every wall. But the unique traits don't end here, the Monserrat also benefits from a cruise director as well as 2 onboard CEO naturalist guides with 1 guide per 10 guests. The crew includes a total of 11 members (including a certified chef), who will be with you all the way, and ensuring that you have the most delightful Galapagos time.

Prices from: £2,899 per person based on 8 days/7 nights all-inclusive cruise including flights from mainland, meals, excursions, and 2 nights in Quito.

Seaman Journey

With only 16 passengers onboard, the Seaman Journey is another friendly option that guarantees a very personalised service onboard. The small group environment also gives you the opportunity to get to know everyone a little bit better, contrary to what usually happens on bigger boats. This also ensures that you will not only return home with wonderful memories of the Galapagos but also with some newly made friends. But this first-class catamaran offers more than just a pleasing, intimate environment. Here guests can enjoy superior comfort and design in any space they enter while onboard. There will also never be a dull moment with the Seaman Journey – with several resting areas you can enjoy the quiet times on your own or in the companied of other guests. The ship is also a wonderful spot to just enjoy the sun and take in as much vitamin D as possible. When out and about the Seaman Journey includes several exciting activities, be it - swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, or simply walking on the most beautiful parts of the Galapagos islands. Other than that, your days at the Seaman Journey will
also include - lots of delicious local and international foods, carefully prepared with fresh ingredients, by the onboard chef. The meal includes the choice of meat, poultry or seafood, but we dare you to try them all! There is also a bar with fresh cocktails available and finally, the most beautiful sundecks perfect to watch either the sunrise or the sunset.

Your onboard experience also comes with a few extras such as; a certified English-speaking naturalist guide; as well as free snorkelling equipment, and sea kayaks.

Prices from: £5,190 per person based on 8 days/7 nights all-inclusive cruise including flights from mainland, meals, and excursions.


The Yolita is a newly renovated vessel, just as unique as its name. This 16-passenger boat takes you through the blue, crystal clear waters of the Galapagos, on a journey that you will never forget. Even though It is small in size this vessel offers 8 surprisingly generous cabins along with queen or twin side-by-side beds, private bathrooms, air-conditioning, TV, DVD players, as well as large windows that boast stunning views of the islands. But the comfort doesn't end with the cabins, it goes on to the elegant dining room, the welcoming lounge and bar, as well as the blissful sundeck with its comfortable chairs where you can have drinks, read a book, talk with someone, or simply enjoy the fresh breeze and warmth of the sun. The food is also a highlight onboard; it consists of rich breakfast meals as well as gourmet Ecuadorian (and international) dishes, prepared daily with fresh locally sourced foods. On top of all this, you get lots of inclusions onboard. All the snorkelling equipment, wetsuits, beach towels as well as all meals are inclusive, and you can use them at no extra charge. When it comes to the crew onboard, you will always be in good hands, as the team is very friendly and experienced. There are 7 dedicated crew members available to assist you in whatever you may need, as well as a 1 CEO naturalist guide, certified by the Galapagos National Park Service, and an expert on all the local fauna and flora. As this is a small vessel you will never be surrounded by too many people and can enjoy all the benefits that brings. The crew will be able to provide you with a more personalised service, and you can ask the naturalist guide many more questions than you might be able to on a bigger boat. There is also less noise or board and it is easier to enjoy quiet, solo moments. - Plus, you might just make a few new friends too!

Prices from: £3,149 per person based on eight days/7 nights all-inclusive cruise including flights from mainland, meals, excursions, and two nights in Quito.

Great Value Ships

Xavier III

Here is another favourite of ours, the Xavier III, a ship that offers comfort, great service, and a wide range of different itineraries, all at great value. Plus, you still get to enjoy a very friendly and intimate environment onboard as the Xavier III takes only 16 guests on each one of their cruises. The Xavier III believes in comfort above all things, so the entire cruise experience has been done with this in mind. There are seven crew members as well as one certified naturalist guide eager to assist you with all your needs throughout your entire journey. You will also be able to choose one of the eight available cabins - 4 are on the upper deck and feature a beautiful window view, while the other remaining 4, are located on the lower deck and include a porthole. All cabins ensure the maximum privacy, as well as comfort and, are the perfect place for resting and relaxing after a full day of activities on the islands. Still the ship offers many more ways to relax and enjoy your time onboard. Before dinner, for example, you can head to the lounge or bar and indulge in some fresh and delicious cocktails, or simple lay down on the sun chairs at the boat's the deck. The sundeck is quite generous for the boat's size, and is usually a favourite amongst guest, as it allows them to enjoy the surroundings in the most relaxing way: while watching the sunrise or the sunset. The food on onboard is also very delicious and includes a wide variety of both local and international dishes, all sourced locally, and fresh. Last but not least, the ship also provides snorkelling equipment, wetsuits, and beach towels, all at no extra cost.

Prices from: £2,799 per person based on eight days/7 nights all-inclusive cruise including flights from mainland, meals, excursions, and two nights in Quito.

Mary Anne

The Mary Anne is another excellent value ship and the only one of its kind on the islands. This elegant 3-masted barquentine navigates with full sails and accommodates a limited number of 16 guests while having enough space for a maximum of 24 passengers. This means that travelling with the Mary Anne is not only a stylish experience perfect for those who have an interest in the art of sailing but also, one where you can relish on the extra space. There are four double cabins and eight single cabins available, all including private bathrooms. Most of the bathrooms are designed with 1 double lower berth and a single upper berth, excluding 2 of the double cabins which feature lower berths instead. While the cabins are located on the cabin deck; the kitchen, library and entertainment centre can all be found on the main deck. The vessel also features a wooden-panelled, comfortable lounge area with an inviting bar that serves various drinks at any time. There is also a stunning sundeck from where you can enjoy the marine breeze and admire the unique surrounds. Sometimes if you are lucky you might even be able to see from here some dolphins or whales! The sundeck is also perfect for napping or for discussing the Galapagos wonders with your family, fellow guest or even your

guide. But this unique sailing experience would not be half as good without its crew. There 9 members, including a naturalist guide - who together bring to life one of the most exquisite sailing experiences available in the Galapagos.

Prices from: £4,155 per person based on 8 days/7 nights all-inclusive cruise including flights from mainland, meals, and excursions.

Eric & Letty

Eric & Letty are a pair of sister expedition yachts, beautifully designed to cruise the Galapagos islands. While onboard you will be able to explore, learn, have fun, and mostly, fall in love with the Galapagos, all while staying on a ship that offers great value itineraries. In a group of no more than 20 guests, Eric & Letty can provide both comfort and personalised service at a level that is quite outstanding. There are 10 'state rooms' (outside facing cabins) spread all over the three decks. These can be either double or twin cabins, and all of them are immaculately finished. In your cabin you will find; a private bathroom, air-conditioning system, biodegradable soap, shampoo dispenser, hair dryer, closet, drawers, intercom, as well as separate climate control. While some cabins include a porthole, others boast a lovely window view. Still, in all of them, you will find the same polished teak interiors trimmed with shiny brass fittings. With cabins like this you might feel tempted to spend lots of time inside them. Still, you don't want to miss on all the other perks of these two beautiful yachts. The sundeck, for example, is perfect for when you are in between activities or travelling to a new location. There are lovely dark blue, sun chairs, here so you can just lay down and enjoy the hot Galapagos sun. The food is also high quality and includes a wide diversity of dishes all made with the best local ingredients. The crew is helpful and friendly and includes a certified naturalist guide ready to answer all your Galapagos questions any time!

Prices from: £5,086 per person based on eight days/7 nights all-inclusive cruise including flights from mainland, meals, excursions and two nights in Quito.

Preferred Benefit: All Latin Routes clients get – 1 free night stay at the Hotel Oro Verde in Guayaquil; plus, complimentary masks, fins, snorkels, as well as 3mm custom full wet suits.

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