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No 2 Days Are Ever The Same

The first thing to note in this section is that Antarctic Cruises are nothing like your 'typical cruise' and there is no such thing as a 'typical day' as every day you will see something completely different.

Antarctic Cruises are expedition in style which means their focus is on exploration and getting as close to the environment as possible. Each ship typically only takes between 70 and 200 people and the ship is really just the means to get to and explore Antarctica. The best way to spend your time on board is out on deck, wrapped up and watching the amazing scenery pass you by. Keep your camera in hand as round every iceberg is another amazing view and if you are lucky you may spot whales, seals or rare birdlife. On most Antarctic Cruises, you will be accompanied by a team of experts and guides who will be out on deck with you explaining what you are seeing. You will also find that during the quieter times they offer an informative range of talks or lectures about various aspects of Antarctica.

Below we have prepared an example day on board one of the Antarctic Cruises in our programme. However, different cruise companies structure their days in different ways and also please do not think you have to take part in all of the activities. Some people like to do as much as possible on their Antarctic Cruise, whilst others like to appreciate that it is a holiday after all!

Breakfast - 08:00

On most Antarctic Cruises it will generally be an early rise to make the most of the day, but it will always start with a comprehensive buffet breakfast served in the restaurant. Most Antarctic cruises serve a comprehensive selection with both continental and heartier cooked options, all designed to fuel you for the morning. Whilst eating breakfast your Ship will probably be manoeuvring into its position for the morning and you will get your first glimpses through the windows!

First Excursion of the Day - 09:00

Its jackets on and off for the first adventure of the day! This morning it might be landing on a beach of a thousand penguins or getting into your zodiac to explore the icebergs and scenery of a beautiful Antarctic Fjord. Make sure you don't forget to take your camera for some truly stunning photos!

Back on Board for a Warm Up - 11:00

After your first adventure of the day its back on board to warm up over a nice cup of coffee and a chance to exchange your experiences with your fellow passengers. The ship will raise the anchor and begin to move towards the location for your next excursion, but then.....

Whales Spotted - 11:15

There is an announcement over the Ships intercom to say that Whales can be seen off the Starboard Side and all of a sudden your coffee is forgotten about and everybody heads out on deck to watch these amazing creatures. The captain manoeuvres the ship for the best views and then stops. All Antarctic Cruises are generally flexible so when something amazing happens, the ship will take full advantage.

A Lunchtime Lecture - 12:30

After watching the amazing Whales and taking up another memory card of photos, there is a lecture by the on-board wildlife expert to tell you all about the fascinating world of the Adelie Penguin. A buffet lunch is served in the restaurant which you help yourself to afterwards.

Second Excursion of the Day - 13:30

Your expedition leader has requested you bring your walking boots as this afternoon you are off to climb up to a great view point. Most Antarctic Cruises will divide groups into abilities so you don't have to worry too much about your fitness level. You go for the long walk option and climb to a fantastic view point. When you get up there, there is a group of penguins to greet you.

Back on Board for More Views - 16:30

You head out on to deck to watch as your ship heads out of the second location. The beautiful views are filling up your camera and then you spot a seals lazing on a nearby iceberg.

A Jacuzzi? A Sauna? Or maybe a Visit to the Bridge - 17:30

There is a bit of free time before dinner so some people decide to relax and enjoy a Jacuzzi or a Sauna (selected ships only) but you decide to head up to the bridge. Most Antarctic Cruises have an open bridge policy, apart from when manoeuvring, so you decide to see what’s up there. The Captain is only too happy to show you around and tell you all about what happens.

Dinner - 19:00

After all the adventure of the day you are so grateful when dinner is announced. The setup of dinner varies depending on which Antarctic Cruise you are on. Some Antarctic Cruises serve dinner to your table course by course, normally from a set menu that changes daily. Other Antarctic Cruises will serve dinner in a buffet style. Whichever way it is served, one thing you can be sure of is delicious food!

A Few Drinks To Toast A Brilliant Day But Then......

You are enjoying a few drinks with your fellow passengers and exchanging fascinating stories from the day. Starting to think about heading to bed and you think the time for adventure is over for today, but then.... the captain announces Killer Whales off the Port Side. You grab your camera and rush out on deck. All Antarctic Cruises have their surprises!

Enquire About Antarctic Cruises

When Do You Want To Go?

Enquire About Antarctic Cruises
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