A Great Experience for Adventurous Children

We often get asked about taking children on Antarctic Cruises - Is it possible? Would they enjoy it? Is it safe?

We can tell you it is indeed possible to take children on Antarctic Cruises. Children can have a fantastic, enriching and rewarding experience on an Antarctic Cruise that will stay with them for a lifetime! For children with an adventurous mind there is endless fun to be had in the Antarctic including speeding about in zodiac boats, sliding down glaciers, watching penguins do funny things and getting sprayed by an enormous whale.

Not only are the adventures endless, but it is a great opportunity for children to learn about wildlife, the environment and the world around them, which means an Antarctic Cruise can offer so much more than just a 'normal' holiday. It is also possible that an Antarctic Cruise may even ignite a passion for a new hobby like wildlife photography.

There are better Antarctic Cruises to take children on, which will help them to enjoy the experience even more as well as some regulations from certain Antarctic Cruise companies that you have to be aware of. Below we have prepared some information about taking children on Antarctic Cruises;

What Kind of Children Will Get The Most Enjoyment From it?

It is fair to say that Antarctic Cruises can be incredible fun for some children, but there are some children that won't get the most out of the experience. We find it is active and adventurous children with an appetite for learning that enjoy Antarctic Cruises the most. The exciting things happen outdoors and on the various outings and excursions, so the more they put in, the more they will get out. There is no TV, mobile phone signal and limited internet in the Antarctic and most days start quite early, so if you have a teenager who can't stand to be away from their Twitter feed or get up before midday, it might be worth having this conversation with them. Any children with an interest in photography, wildlife, conservation or the environment will find lots to satisfy their curiosity.

What Is There For Children To Do on Antarctic Cruises?

The list of things to do is endless, but essentially they will be taking part in all the same experiences and activities that the adults do. Zodiac Boat Rides, Wildlife Watching, Trekking, Sliding down Glaciers, Spotting Birds, and sitting on beaches of a thousand penguins are some of the many activities they can enjoy. On board the ship in the evening, certain cruise companies cater for children better than others. Some Antarctic cruise companies will put on movies with cookies and hot chocolate, others run little workshops to learn more about the environment but in often you will find after a busy and exciting day, most children will be ready for bed!

Food For Children?

Most cruise companies do not prepare a separate menu for children however most cruise companies serve a buffet for at least breakfast and lunch which means children can grab the things they like. In the evening if your cruise operates a set menu there is normally something children will enjoy. If not then have a chat to the staff and the Chefs will work with you to make something they will enjoy.


You are exploring Antarctica, so the very nature of the holiday does come with an increase in risk, but all of our Antarctic Cruise companies take the safety of all of their passengers very seriously. When in the zodiac boats or anywhere near the water everybody wears a life jacket and on board safety is regularly monitored. It is fair to say that when you are out and about in the Antarctic you will be walking over uneven surfaces and the odd trip or slip may happen. But the right footwear and clothing will mitigate the risk associated with this.

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